CAN  Frames  Available

The curiosity and the desire to know more, moves the world, moves us and makes us grow as people.

The main purpose of this site is to share all over the world, the work we have done with many cars (some our own, and some others borrowed from our good friends who understand and support our curiosity).

Our goal is to recognize which CAN frames are implemented in each car, in order to understand which modules can be accessed using the CAN protocol (for each vendor and model) ... but as our capacity to buy new cars is limited (and also the capacity of our friends), we are making this site public so all the curious people around the world will be able to collaborate together, in a responsible manner, with no cost, and also with no need to buy a new car or borrow it from a good friend each time anyone would like to test something.


Being curious does not mean being reckless, so we strongly suggest that if you try to test these CAN frames, take all the security measures, this is especially intended for all those frames that affect the engine, the brakes or the accelerator.

Protect your car, protect your life and the life of others.